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Concrete Curing Blanket

Concrete Curing Blankets, expertly designed for effective thermal insulation. Crafted from closed cell expanded polyethylene foam, they provide low thermal conductivity, exceptional water resistance, and reliable insulation even in wet conditions. With high durability and easy customization, these blankets are the ideal choice for protecting against frost and temperature variations. Ensure optimal thermal insulation for your structures with our Concrete Curing Blankets.
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Our concrete curing blankets are specifically designed to provide effective thermal insulation for a variety of applications. They are crafted from closed cell expanded polyethylene foam, chosen for its remarkably low thermal conductivity (0.034 W/M/K). This exceptional thermal insulation property makes our Frost Cloths ideal for protecting against frost and temperature variations.

One of the key advantages of our Concrete Curing Blankets is their closed cell structure, which ensures minimal water absorption. After 24 hours of total immersion in water, they absorb only 2%, maintaining their insulation performance even in wet conditions. This feature makes them highly reliable and long-lasting.

In addition to their excellent insulation properties, our Concrete Curing Blankets offer exceptional resistance to abrasion and tearing. They can be reused multiple times, making them a cost-effective solution for various projects. Moreover, their flexibility allows for easy customization on-site, enabling quick and convenient installation on complex shapes and structures. For slabs, they can be effortlessly rolled out, providing efficient and reliable frost protection.

Choose our Frost Cloths and Concrete Curing Blankets to safeguard your structures and ensure optimal thermal insulation. Their durability, water resistance, and easy installation make them the preferred choice for a wide range of applications.


  • These Concrete Curing Blankets are easily rolled out to cover newly laid concrete after a standard "going-off" time has elapsed.
  • Where jointing is necessary a minimum overlap of 300mm should be allowed.
  • Your Blanket should be secured with bricks or lengths of timber to prevent wind movement.
  • Where a moisture barrier is required, it should be laid to the sub-floor before applying the Blanket.


Nominal Density:30 kg/m3
Water Absorption: <3 Volume %
Compressive Strength:
  • 25%: 33 KPa
  • 50%: 99 KPa
  • 70%: 230 KPa
Compressive Creep:
  • 1 Hour: <2%
  • 24 Hour: <3%
  • 168 Hour: <7%
Thermal Stability:<2%
Tensile Strength: 300/200 Kpa
Tensile Elongation (MD/CD):70/65%
Cell Size: ≥ 26 Cells/25mm
Thermal Conductivity: 0.055 W/mK
CFC free:Yes
HCFC free: Yes

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