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We supply a range of Geotechnics products for soil protection – this ranges from Weed Control Membranes to Root Barriers. Geotextiles are used as a general purpose separator for use under site access roads and areas of hard standing – it provides separation, filtration and protection functions. Geomembranes are available and used to control fluid migration to protect our environment and water resources during projects. Geocomposite Drainage is used to provide effective drainage in a wide variety of applications from highway embankments to residential foundations.

Root & Weed Barriers are made from robust material and will resist penetration of aggressive rooting plants and trees – chemical-free, long lasting protection of underground drainage, sewage, piping and cable systems, paved areas and buildings from root invasion damage. Erosion Control includes a range of mats available to provide surface protection and reduce erosion before vegetation has been established. Our Paviours provide cellular paving for all levels of traffic where a structurally sound, well drained base has to be installed in places such as yards and car parks.

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