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Fork Lift Drum Tilter


The Fork Lift Drum Tilter is an ingenious forklift attachment designed to safely relocate plastic and steel drums with ease, even where space is minimal.

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The Fork Lift Drum Tilter makes the process of drum relocation easier, safer, and quicker with the incredibly efficient and practical titling features that it boasts.

With the choice of crank handle or loop chain, the Forklift Drum Tilter has many features that make the Drum Tilter a must-have forklift attachment for working environments where space is difficult to come by.

The choice of crank handle or loop chain allows the customer to choose an option that suits their specific work requirements. The crank handle provides the user with low-level discharge control, and the looped chain provides elevated discharge control.

Although the two options differ in their control position, both the crank handle and loop chain versions of the Fork Lift Drum Tilter are relatively easy to set up and use.

To begin using the Fork-Lift Drum-Tilter, the first step to take is to position the forks of the forklift or telehandler to the distance required to allow them to meet the forklift pockets of the DrumTilter as intended.

As with most Fork Lift Attachments, the next stage of setting up the Drum Tilter requires the user to remove the heel pins present on the Fork Pockets, ensuring they have been retracted, to allow the forks to enter the Fork Pockets.

Once the first step is complete, the forks can be driven into the Fork Lift Drum Tilter Fork Pockets.

Upon correctly driving the forks into the fork pockets, the heel pins should then be inserted into the hole located at the rear of the forks to secure the Tilter in place.

The pressed hoop must then be rotated to ensure that it lines up horizontally with the fork pockets, in its intended starting position.

The hoop of the Fork Lift Drum Tilter must then be positioned between the two centre ribs of the drum being lifted. When completing this stage, ensure the slide prevention plates are also within the same gap between the two centre ribs.

Each strap then has to be inserted into the ratchet before being pulled tight. Both straps should then be tightened fully ensuring a minimum spindle rotation of two rotations and a maximum of three. Once this has been guaranteed, snap into the ratchet housing.

The Fork Lift Drum Tilter is now ready for use.

As a heavy-duty industrial attachment, the Fork-Lift Drum-Tilter is robust and durable, boasting an impressive product life expectancy. However, with regular maintenance checks and the following of correct procedures, the Drum Tilter can be expected to reach or exceed the manufactures expected product life estimation.

Regular maintenance checks should be conducted to ensure the safety of users and to minimise the potential risk of accidents or injuries in the workplace.

Weekly maintenance checks should cover the following areas:

  • General wear and tear should be considered with all weld points being checked to ensure they retain their structural integrity after use.
  • The fork pockets and heel pin attachments should be checked regularly for any potential damages or wearing that could influence the manner in which they perform or compromise the safety of the Drum Tilter.
  • The ratchet straps of the Fork Lift Drum Tilter should be checked to ensure they have not torn or have any other signs of damage. If the straps have come into contact with any chemicals or excessive heat, they should be checked and replaced immediately as the polyester material may be damaged.
  • The security of the bearing and gearbox should also be checked regularly, ensuring they are appropriately greased and free of waste and debris.
  • General rusting should also be a continuous consideration and is an issue that can be prevented through the use of paint, primers, and proprietary inhibitors on a regular basis.
  • The Fork Lift Drum Tilter has a manufacturer's certification guarantee that ensures that the Drum Tilter is certified for up to six months from the manufacture date. After this date, it is the customer's responsibility to have the Forklift Drum Tilter re-certified by the appropriate body.

Before using the Fork Lift Drum Tilter, a risk assessment should always be conducted before use in order to prevent any accidents or injuries.

When using the Drum-Tilter, ensure that the maximum load capacity of the Tilter and machinery are not exceeded in any circumstances.

The ratchet strap should be checked for tightness and positioning before every use as not meeting the required parameters will make the Fork-Lift Drum-Tilter unfit for purpose.

The heel pins are a component of the Drum Tilter that should be treated with high importance as they are a part that gets removed and repositioned. Before use, checks should be made to ensure they are correctly inserted and that they are in the correct position for each situation.

Heel pins should always be removed before inserting the forks.

The Fork Lift Drum Tilter has been designed to make verticle lifts and therefore angular lifts should not be attempted in any scenario. The Drum-Tilter should also not be shock-loaded in any circumstances.

When in use the forklift mast must also be vertical at all times.

The Fork Lift Drum Tilter Attachment benefits from the following features:

  • The heavy-duty gearbox is extremely durable allowing drums to be locked in place and kept at any angle required.
  • The Fork Lift Drum Titler boasts three-point mechanical restraints to secure the drum in place.
  • The polyester twin 50mm wide webbing straps feature a ratchet restraint to further guarantee the secure support of the drum.
  • The zinc-plated heel pins are robust enough to securely keep the Drumtilter attachment in place while in use.
  • The maximum fork section has been considered to accommodate as many options as possible and boasts a highly impressive maximum fork section of 125mm x 50 mm at 801 mm centres.
  • Health and safety have been further considered in the design of the Fork-Lift Drum-Tilter as the Tilter has been painted bright orange to make it more easily visible.


Fork Lift Drum Lifter with Crank Handle

  • Max Load Capacity: 360 kg
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • C of G: 560 mm
  • Type of Control: Crank Handle

Fork Lift Drum Lifter with Looped Chain

  • Max Load Capacity: 360 kg
  • Weight: 95 kg
  • C of G: 560 mm
  • Type of Control: Looped Chain


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Fork Lift Drum Lifter with Crank Handle

Max Load Capacity: 360 kg
Weight: 70 kg
C of G: 560 mm
Type of Control: Crank Handle


Fork Lift Drum Lifter with Looped Chain

Max Load Capacity: 360 kg
Weight: 95 kg
C of G: 560 mm
Type of Control: Looped Chain