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Telehandler Tipping Skip (Auto Lock)


Experience next-level operational efficiency and safety with HERMEQ's Telehandler Tipping Skip (Auto Lock). Specially designed for telehandlers, this advanced model telehandler skip facilitates the secure and effortless disposal of construction waste without the need for the operator to exit the cab. Enhance your workflow with a solution that promises both robust functionality and superior safety features.


We also stock replacement gas struts which easily connect onto any of our auto lock tipping skips. This is the key component that allows the teleskip to lock onto the telehandler forks, which can become damaged or worn over time.

Click here to see our Replacement Gas Struts

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Why Choose HERMEQ Telehandler Tipping Skips?

  • Automated Safety: The TS1971 comes equipped with a gas strut-assisted auto-locking mechanism that secures the skip to the telehandler forks, ensuring that the driver remains safely within the cab throughout the operation.
  • Superior Construction: Crafted from 2.5mm mild steel with reinforced angle top edges, our tipping skips stand up to the rigorous demands of any construction environment.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Designed for ease of use, the skip locks and unlocks automatically, promoting a faster and smoother workflow which is essential for high-demand construction sites.
  • Cost-Effective: The ability to transport one skip inside another reduces transportation costs, maximising your investment on every level.

The Auto Telehandler Tipping Skip represents the cutting-edge of tipping skip technology, designed specifically to enhance safety and efficiency on construction sites. Unlike traditional forklift tipping skips that use safety chains, this innovative model features an automatic locking system that engages and disengages using a robust gas strut behind the fork heels. This mechanism ensures the telehandler driver remains in the cab at all times, enhancing safety and operational speed.

Telehandler tipping skips are becoming increasingly prevalent in modern construction environments, particularly in new builds where the presence of telehandlers is common and safety regulations are stringent. HERMEQ's dedication to innovation and quality is reflected in these skips, which are rigorously tested and proven to surpass traditional models in both durability and functionality. To demonstrate our confidence in their performance, we offer free demonstrations and trials to house builders, ensuring that our clients can experience firsthand the superior quality and cost-effectiveness of our products.

One of the notable advantages of the Auto Telehandler Tipping Skip is its cost-efficiency in transportation. Designed to nest within each other, these skips can be transported in pairs for the cost of one, significantly reducing logistical expenses. Additionally, the design minimises wear and tear on both the skip and the telehandler, further driving down maintenance costs over time.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom with a 2.5mm mild steel plate body and a one-way entry base frame reinforced with 5mm steel, these skips are built to withstand the demands of any construction site. Each skip is also fitted with an auto-locking mechanism assisted by a gas strut, which is safeguarded by a bolt-on steel guard, ensuring long-lasting reliability and safety. All our Auto Telehandler Tipping Skips are C.E. Marked and come with comprehensive operating instructions.

HERMEQ also offers a range of Forklift Self-Tipping Skips and Heavy Duty Tipping Skips, available directly through our website, providing a complete solution for your construction site waste management needs.

Product Specifications

Specification Details
Material 2.5mm mild steel plate body with reinforced angle top
Locking Mechanism Auto-locking to forks with gas strut
Compatibility Suitable for standard telehandler forks
Safety Features Bolt-on steel guard to protect gas struts

Model-Specific Specifications

Capacity (Litres) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Max SWL (Kg) Net Weight (Kg)
750 1650 1260 840 1400 230
1250 1925 1300 970 2000 245
1750 1925 1300 1150 2000 295

Why Choose a Telehandler Tipping Skip?

Telehandler tipping skips are increasingly preferred on construction sites due to their superior safety benefits. As the entire process is controlled from within the telehandler's cab, they minimise potential hazards associated with manually releasing latches on forklift tipping skips.

Forklift Tipping Skips

HERMEQ heavy-duty forklift tipping skips provide a reliable and efficient waste management solution for worksites using forklifts. They feature a robust design with safety chains, a tipping mechanism, and a self-righting feature for secure operation. To empty contents, the forklift operator releases a latch, causing the skip to tilt forward.

Telehandler Tipping Skips

HERMEQ telehandler tipping skips are engineered for seamless integration with telehandlers, offering enhanced safety and workflow efficiency. They feature an automatic gas strut locking mechanism that securely attaches them to the telehandler forks. Unlike forklift skips, the telehandler tipping skip is emptied by the telehandler's tilting motion, eliminating the need for the operator to ever leave the cab.

HERMEQ: Your Source for Safe & Efficient Site Equipment

HERMEQ is committed to providing innovative waste management solutions that prioritise safety and productivity. Whether you require traditional forklift tipping skips or the advanced features of our telehandler tipping skips, we have the right solution to optimise your worksite.

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