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Our high-quality Armco Safety Beams are designed to work seamlessly with a range of Posts and Fish Tail Ends, allowing you to effortlessly create a robust and reliable Armco Safety Barrier system. Armco barriers have gained immense popularity for their effectiveness in safeguarding car parks and warehousing facilities, preventing vehicle damage to buildings and ensuring pedestrian safety.

See our Armco Barrier Calculator for pricing and a component breakdown once you input the length of the barrier system you require for your project.

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To ensure a seamless installation of your new Armco Safety Barrier set, it's important to have the right accompanying components for your Barrier System. Here's what you'll need for each beam in your setup:

  • 8 x Fasteners (M16 x 35mm Lap Bolts): These sturdy bolts securely connect each beam to one another, providing a strong and reliable connection.

  • 1 x Post Bolt (M16 x 50mm): This bolt is essential for attaching each beam to a post, ensuring stability and structural integrity.

  • 4 x Floor Anchor Bolts (M16 x 120mm): If you're using Bolt Down Posts, these anchor bolts are necessary to firmly secure the system to the floor, enhancing its overall strength.

In addition, please consider the following:

  • An extra post is required at the end of your run. You'll need a Post Bolt and Floor Anchor Bolts for this additional post if you're using Bolt Down Posts.

  • For the end attachment, you'll need 8 more Lap Bolts (M16 x 35mm). We offer Pedestrian Ends and Fish Tail Ends depending on your specific requirements.

By ensuring you have these essential components, you can confidently set up your Armco Safety Barrier system and enjoy enhanced safety and peace of mind.

At HERMEQ, we supply all essential Armco components to enable you to set up a Crash Barrier system on your site for better safety and protection. We sell Straight Corrugated Steel Beams as well as Curved Beams which enable you to find a more versatile solution to fit your site needs.

We also have RSJ and Z-Posts available depending on how robust you would like your Barrier system to be and they are both available as Bolt Down and Dig-In options. Other accessories we have available are Barrier Corners, Fish Tail Ends and Pedestrian Ends to complete your Armco Crash Barrier.

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