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Sand Bag Carrier


The Sand Bag Carrier is a marvelous lifting device that makes the transportation and relocation of bags easier, safer, and quicker.

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Sand Bag Carriers reduce the amount of manual labour needed to complete heavy lifting tasks on construction sites.

Incredibly simple to use, the Sand Bag-Carriers uses the four lifting hooks to securely lift the bulk bags into place by their lifting straps.

To begin using the Sand-Bag Carrier, a full health and safety risk assessment should be conducted before installation. Once the required safety checks have been completed, begin by attaching the Bag Carrier to the fork-mounted swivel hook by positioning the hook over the central lifting eye of the Sand Bag Carrier and securely attaching the hook to the Bag-Carrier before lifting vertically to the required height.

Follow this by attaching the lifting straps present on the bag to the four safety latches on the Fork Mounted Sand Bag Carrier by pushing the straps through the safety latches before releasing the lifting straps.

Finally, check that the load is secure and that all procedures have been followed accurately before use.

The Sand Bag Carrier should always undergo regular maintenance checks before use, with the following considerations of high importance:

  • Weekly checks should be conducted focusing on all weld points and damaged or worn components.
  • Any damages or concerns relating to the Bag Carrier or any of the equipment or vehicles used alongside it should be reported and repaired before use.
  • Rust is a factor that can cause issues with nearly all products that contain metal components. The Sand Bag-Carrier is not exempt from this and over time can show signs of surface rust. To prevent surface rusting or if signs of surface rusting begin to show, regularly treat the Sand Bag Carrier with paint, primer, and proprietary inhibitors.

The Sand Bag Carrier is certified for up to six months from the date of manufacture. Once this date has passed, it is the customer's responsibility to have the Bag Carrier recertified by the appropriate testing authority.

When using the Sand Bag-Carrier health and safety should be of the utmost importance. Operators and those in close proximity should always remain observant and vigilant while the Bag Carrier Attachment is in use.

Before use, the Bag Carrier, additional equipment, and vehicle should be checked to ensure they can handle the intended load to avoid any potential accidents or injuries. Never exceed the maximum load capacity.

When using the Sand Bag Carrier, the weight of the load should always remain evenly distributed across the four 1000 kg lifting hooks.

Under no circumstances should the Sand Bag Carrier Attachment be shock-loaded as it has not been designed to accommodate loads in this way.



Sand Bag Carrier 1000 kg:

Lifting Points: 840 mm x 800 mm

Max load capacity: 1000 kg

Weight: 35 kg

Sand Bag Carrier 2000 kg:

Lifting Points: 840 mm x 800 mm

Max load capacity: 2000 kg

Weight: 35 kg



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