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Temporary Fencing Stillage


Temporary Fencing Stillages hold up to 32 x Mesh Security Fence Panels (3.5m wide x 2.0m high).

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Stillages are designed to maximise storage space and make transporting large mesh fencing panels easier and safer. Made up of a heavy-duty mild steel square hollow section, they provide a solid base into which you can stack your mesh security fencing panels.

All of our mesh security fencing stillages come with forklift guides as standard. This makes it easy for you to load and unload your security fencing for transportation across the UK. The stillages also come with removable arms. This means that they are easy to store "flat-pack" when they are not loaded with security fence panels. This also helps with unloading where the arms can easily be removed allowing you to easily unload the round top mesh fence panels out of the stillage. We also offer protective bar sets. This is to guard against hauliers damaging the top few anti-climb fence panels when they are strapping them down. In order to strap the fence panels down tightly, without damaging them these protective bar sets allow the hauliers to strap directly onto these protective bars and therefore avoid the risk of damaging the fencing. 

For storage and transportation, the specially designed feet allow for the stillage’s to be packed on top of one another. This means that the stillages can be stacked on top of one another for transportation, maximizing the size of your load. They can also be stacked neatly in storage allowing you to maximise storage space in your yard or on-site. 

As well as stillages for your mesh fencing panels we also offer a range of other fencing stillages and equipment to make handling your materials easily. For the heras fencing feet, we offer fence feet stillages & for the solid steel hoarding panels, we offer a hoarding panel stillage. For the fixtures and fittings that go alongside both of these fencing systems, such as fence clipsanti-lift fence bracketsground pins and hoarding clamps we offer steel fitting bins. Finally for storing and transferring tube & fencing stabilisers we also offer post pallets. Together these make your fencing and scaffolding equipment incredibly easy to store and transport. 

HERMEQ stock a wide range of Stillages, Site Storage, Permanent Fencing & Road Barriers conforming to all required safety specifications and regulations.

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  • Hold 32 Mesh Security Fence Panels (can be extended to 50 panels - please speak to a member of our team)
  • Forklift Guides Make For Easy Loading / Unloading
  • Removable Arms Help With Unloading & Storage
  • Feet Allow For Stillages To Be Stacked Onto Each Other