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Titan Wire Fencing


Titan Wire Fencing safely protects livestock while efficiently preventing them from accessing other areas. 

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Designed for long-lasting efficiency and as a cost-effective solution to safe agricultural barrier requirements, Titan Wire Fencing is a leading fencing option in the world of agricultural and farm-based fencing.

Titan Wire-Fencing has been specifically manufactured with the rigours of outside weather and livestock interaction as major concerns, making the safety and reliability of the Fencing with Titan Knot second to none.

The Titan Knot Joint is an industry-leading non-slip knot that incorporates a continuous verticle stay wire and has been designed to handle high-pressure applications with ease.

A high tensile fencing solution, the Titan Wire Fencing remains incredibly strong and resilient in most scenarios, providing a long-lasting barrier that is capable of resisting extreme weathering that could cause stretching.

Highly regarded within the fencing industry, Titan Wire Fencing has achieved a mass of classification certifications that guarantee the reliability of the product.

Titan Wire Fencing has achieved BSEN 10218, BSEN 10223, and BSEN 10244 standard requirements. These certifications ensure that the Titan Wire Knot Fencing meets general wire dimension and tolerance requirements, galvanised coating requirements, and all necessary safety requirements.

The Titan Wire Fencing solution is fully recyclable, a green and friendly solution that provides safety to the environment even once it has exceeded the estimated product life.

Quick and easy to install, the Wire Fencing requires fewer intermediate posts than standard mild steel for installation.

To install the heavy-duty fencing, straining posts should be set at each major change in direction or termination and should be supported with strut or box assembly. The Wire Fencing Netting should be tied off on each straining post using a joiner or by hand using the appropriate health and safety measures. When using staples, avoid stapling the fencing too tightly as it could damage the galvanised finish of the Titan Wire Fencing.

In order to remain as safe as possible during installation, the appropriate protective clothing should be used. During installation, it is recommended that safety glasses, gloves, and boots are worn at all times.

All of the PPE listed above can also be found online in HERMEQ's PPE department, guaranteed to keep you safe while looking stylish.


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