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Fall Arrest Kit - Construction

Prevent yourself from falling when working at heights with the use of the Portwest Construction Kit. The kit contains a 2 point harness comfort plus, a single lanyard with carabiner and scaffold hook, a double lanyard with shock absorber, snap hook and two Scaffold hooks, and a drawstring bag.
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The Portwest Construction Height Safety Kit is designed to keep workers safe when completing tasks at great heights.
As architecture and technology have advanced over the years, the need to work at great heights has increased dramatically. Fortunately for those employed in sectors that are required to conduct work at these heights, the safety equipment and technology has increased considerably in the last few decades.

The Portwest Construction Kit is a Fall Kit created with accident and injury prevention as its only purpose. The Construction Kit contains the following equipment:

•A 2 point harness comfort plus
•A single lanyard with carabiner and scaffold hook
•A double lanyard with shock absorber, snap hook, and two scaffold hooks
•A nylon drawstring bag

The two-point harness is easy to use. The wearer simply places the harness over themselves and adjusts the harness to fit their build comfortably. This feature also allows the harness to be used when wearing thick coats such as the Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket and thick trousers such as the Hi-Vis Rain Trousers.
The Construction Kit harness features two hooks for use with the lanyards also in the Fall Kit. All items within the kit have reached CE certification as they are all compliant with health, safety, and environmental protection standards in the European Economic Area.

After in-depth testing, The 2 Point Comfort Plus Harness has met EN 358 and EN 361 standards making it more than fit for the intended purpose.
The EN 361 standard classification guarantees that the wearer will still remain safe and secure in the worst-case scenario where a fall occurs. In order to achieve this standard of classification, the 2 Point Comfort Plus Harness is attached to a 2 metre rope and fitted with a 100kg dummy torso, which is then dropped over 4 metres.
This test is conducted twice using each harness attachment, once from a head-up position and once from a head-down position. In order to pass the test, the dummy must remain secure and refrain from exceeding a position of 50 degrees from the original positioning
The EN 358 test is another rigorous test that guarantees the reliability of the 2 Point Comfort Harness. This test also involves a drop test from 1 metre that requires the harness to safely support the test weight.
The harness is then given multiple static strength tests in which the harness is tested against zero force to 15kN repeatedly.
The metal elements on the 2 Point Comfort Harness are tested for corrosion resistance. In these tests, the harness is held within a sealed chamber that is filled with a salt-water mist. Harnesses are subjected to 48 hours of exposure before being checked for rust damage.

The Single Lanyard with Carabiner and Scaffold Hook is 150cm long and is made from polyester rope with a heat-treated aluminium scaffold hook and carabiner.
Just like the 2 Point Harness, the Single Lanyard has undertaken similar testing in order to be certified EN 358 and EN 354 approved.
The same EN 358 test is conducted with the lanyard as used with the 2 Point Harness, only this time the focus is upon the lanyard and not the harness.
The EN 354 tests the lanyard in order to test the robustness of the lanyard at different temperatures and moisture levels, the amount of slippage or stretching the lanyard experiences when placed in a strength test, the static strength of the lanyard with it needed to withstand 2.5 times the strength requirement in case of rope damage, a similar test to the EN 358 test focusing on the rope's endurance when dropped while attached to a 100kg weight, and salt-water corrosion spray tests.

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