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GRP Palisade

GRP Palisade Fencing is both non conductive & non corrosive making it perfect for environments like Rail, Power, Water & Industrial.

The main benefit to GRP Palisade & other GRP products is that they are both non corrosive and non conductive. This is incredibly important in particular environments. The benefits of GRP systems in places like power stations, are far greater than the extra cost of GRP palisade when compared to steel palisade. It is important in environments such as power and rail to eliminate electrical hazards. GRP Palisade removes the danger of electrical shorts & as such is commonly used as a perimeter fencing system for sub-stations. 

A none corrosive perimeter fencing system is also vital for water utility companies and industrial companies as it extends the life time of the asset, whilst removing the problem of having to remove and install new fencing once it has been compromised. Corrosive environments such as chemical plants and waste water treatment plants are ideal for GRP Palisade fencing systems. 

GRP Palisade fencing is also incredibly light as factory assembled panels weigh less than 40kgs. This has two benefits, the first is that unlike traditional palisade which is produced in kit form, GRP Palisade fencing is supplied as a finished panel which makes it much quicker to install. The second benefit is that as it is so light it can easily be installed by hand and the GRP Palisade fencing does not need any mechanical equipment to help with the installation, helping to save on installation costs. In places like Railways where time and space is key, a pre-made panel that can installed without the need of machinery is a huge benefit. 

Being so light you would naturally expect GRP Palisade to be less secure than traditional steel fencing. However there are a couple of features that actually make it more secure than most standard steel systems. The pales on a GRP Palisade fence actually pass through the top and bottom rales, making them more secure. On a steel system the pales simply sit on the face of the rails & are fixed to the front of them. This means it is more difficult to remove the GRP pales from the face of the palisade fence line. 

Containing thousands of glass fibre strands and glass matting GRP Palisade is also incredible durable and strong. The material has some give in it meaning that it can absorb impact much better than a traditional steel system. This makes GRP palisade more difficult to break and means that it does not show damage, whereas a steel system would show dents when impacted. 

On-Site Installation

At HERMEQ we offer an On-Site Installation service dedicated to providing top-notch fencing solutions. With a team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals, we guarantee an unparalleled level of expertise in every project we undertake.

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We offer turnkey solutions that cater to the unique requirements of our clients. Whether it's a nationwide deployment or a local project, HERMEQ On-Site Installation ensures a swift and professional service delivery, tailored to meet any project's timeframe.

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