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Drop Front Stillages - Rubber Fence Feet


These Stillages are uniquely designed to help with the transportation and storage of thermoplastic Rubber Block Fence Feet. Each stillage is 1680mm long, 1250mm wide and 850mm high from base to top. The inner effective height of the stillage is 600mm & the drop door is 300mm. 

Fit with forklift guides, they also have a drop door in the front to make loading and unloading the 18kg rubber block fence feet into the stillage easy. Each stillage is designed to hold up to 50 x Rubber Block Fence Feet. 

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Drop door stillages are uniquely designed to make the handling and storage of thermoplastic rubber fence feet & hi-vis temporary fence feet much easier. The cages contain the rubber blocks, meaning that they will not fall out of the stillage. In comparison a standard fence feet stillage required that rubber blocks to be stacked and then banded to the stillage for transportation purposes.  

In order to make loading and unloading easier the stillage comes fit with a drop door in the front. This means that when trying to lift fence feet out of the bottom of the stillage you can lower the drop door front to easily access them. Leaning over a standard cage is awkward and can also present a health and safety hazard as people incorrectly lift the rubber blocks out, putting further strain on their backs.

HERMEQ stock a wide-range of StillagesSite StoragePermanent Fencing & Road Barriers conforming to all required safety specifications and regulations.

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1680mm Width

1250mm Depth

850mm Height From Base To Top

600mm Inner Effective Height

300mm Drop Door