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Used Crowd Control Barrier - Fixed Leg


A mixture of galvanised & powder coated barriers. All may have scratches & some damage - but all in good working condition. We will supply as many in a single colour as possible, but you may receive a mixture of colours depending on availability.

Please note that pictures are only indicative.

£16.00 £19.20

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In the world of event management and construction safety, robustness and reliability are paramount. These used crowd control barriers are designed to meet these demanding requirements without compromise. Unassuming yet highly effective — these barriers are a staple at public events, construction sites, nightclubs, and busy venues across the UK. Here's why they are the preferred choice of event organisers, venue managers, security personnel, construction firms, and more.

Strength and Durability Our crowd control barriers stand out for their exceptional strength. Crafted from a single piece of steel tubing, they boast a minimalist design with only one weld. This design choice significantly enhances their durability, ensuring they can withstand the rigours of any event or construction site. With a thicker gauge steel (1.2mm) for the legs, these barriers can even support the weight of people standing on them, eliminating the need for extra support bars. The result? A longer-lasting barrier that's perfect for multiple uses, making your investment go further.

Versatile Applications Crowd control barriers are versatile tools, indispensable for maintaining order in various scenarios. Whether you're overseeing a music festival, political rally, agricultural show, construction site, or nightclub, these barriers have you covered. Their ability to withstand the elements and constant usage makes them a trusted choice for event organizers, construction professionals, and venue managers alike. Count on our crowd control barriers to efficiently manage crowds and ensure both public and workforce safety.

Fixed Leg Design for Easy Stacking Our fixed leg crowd control barriers feature four feet welded securely to the frame. These legs are thoughtfully split, making stacking them together a breeze, and optimising your storage space. Additionally, the feet have domed ends to eliminate any sharp edges that could potentially harm someone. If you prefer detachable legs, which are ideal for storage or transportation when lying the barriers down, we offer loose leg crowd barriers as well, available for purchase directly on our website.

Customisation Options We understand that different events and projects require different crowd control solutions. That's why we offer a range of powder-coated pedestrian barriers in various colours, including red, white, black, yellow, blue, green, and pink. Whether you need galvanised, painted, or powder-coated barriers, we've got you covered. For those looking to advertise on their crowd barriers using specially printed banners, please reach out to us at

Complete Your Crowd Control Solution To complement our crowd control barriers, we also offer a range of walkthrough crowd barriers, also known as hoop barriers. These provide a complete crowd control solution, allowing you to mark pedestrian access points effectively. Choose from our Basic Walkthrough Crowd Barrier, which offers simplicity and cost-effectiveness, or our Advanced Walkthrough Crowd Barrier, equipped with a bottom bar for added durability and a spring-loaded gate to control the flow of people through your temporary fencing barrier.

What Makes a Good Pedestrian Safety Barrier? When it comes to pedestrian safety barriers, several key qualities are essential:

Strength: A good safety barrier should be robust enough to withstand the pressures of large crowds or daily use on construction sites. Our barriers are made from 1.0-1.2mm thick steel, ensuring exceptional strength.

Durability: To maximize your investment, you'll want barriers that can be used multiple times or resold in good condition. Our one-piece pedestrian barriers, with a single weld, are among the most durable options available.

Stackability: Easy stacking is crucial for convenient transportation and storage. Our crowd control barriers are designed with staggered or offset legs for stable stacking and enhanced stability on uneven terrain.

Separating Pedestrians & Vehicles at Work For separating pedestrians and vehicles in workplace safety, we recommend protective barriers, clear markings to designate routes, and raised kerbs to indicate pedestrian areas. Consider suitable barriers or guard rails at building entrances, corners, and to prevent pedestrian access to roads when necessary.

Choose the reliability and durability of our crowd control barriers for your next event or construction project. With these barriers in place, you'll have peace of mind knowing that safety and order are well-maintained. Trust in HERMEQ for your crowd management needs.

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Height: 1.1m
Width: 2.3m one-piece frame / 2.5m two-piece frame
Weight: 14kg / 16kg
Finish: Galvanised to BS EN 10244-2 standard / Painted / Powder coated
Tubular frame: 38.1mm dia / 1.2mm gauge circular hollow section
Tube infills: 12.7mm dia circular hollow section
Distance from the bottom bar to floor: 230mm approx
Distance between the infill bars: 110mm approx


Offset fixed legs to increase stability and strength of the barrier while making them easily stackable.
Hook and eye system makes the barriers simple and easy to connect together.
Top of frame punched

Do You Export? We export crowd control barriers and safety barriers across the world. The most common destination is the US