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Temporary Aluminium Stairway


Aluminium Stairways are lightweight and take minutes to erect. This makes them a popular choice where it is difficult to move around the work zone.

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Aluminium Stairways can be used in conjunction with scaffolds, concrete structures, parapets or embankments. For attaching to concrete frames, please reach out to our team as can supply slab attachments for the HERMEQ Aluminium Stairways. Alternately we can also supply a snap locking scaffold attachment, making it simple to fit the Aluminium stairs onto the existing tube & fitting scaffold assemblies.

All of our aluminium stairways come fit with non-slip steps to ensure that you avoid any accidents on site from people slipping on the stairways.

These Aluminium stairways work across a wide range of pitch angles & have a robust locking device for fixing in position.

HERMEQ are nationwide suppliers of Scaffolding equipment – we also supply Steel Ladder Beams, Aluminium Ladders, Combination Ladders, Extending Ladders & Heavy-Duty Platforms conforming to all required safety specifications and regulations.

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Each stairway are recommended to be erected at a minimum angle of 35 degrees and a maximum angle of 45 degrees. Below is the length and height of each stairway when setup at these angles.


3 Step – 35 degree angle

Length: 915mm

Height: 500mm


3 Step – 45 degree angle

Length: 790mm

Height: 640mm


6 Step – 35 degree angle

Length: 1630mm

Height: 1000mm


6 Step – 45 degree angle

Length: 1350mm

Height: 1305mm


9 Step – 35 degree angle

Length: 2340mm

Height: 1500mm


9 Step – 45 degree angle

Length: 1900mm

Height: 1970mm


12 Step – 35 degree angle

Length: 3050mm

Height: 2000mm


12 Step – 45 degree angle

Length: 2465mm

Height: 2640mm


15 Step – 35 degree angle

Length: 3765mm

Height: 2495mm


15 Step – 45 degree angle

Length: 3025mm

Height: 3300mm


18 Step – 35 degree angle

Length: 4480mm

Height: 2995mm


18 Step – 45 degree angle

Length: 3585mm

Height: 3970mm