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Rim Grip Drum Lifter


The Rim Grip is a fully automatic Fork Lift Rim Grip that is incredibly efficient at transporting open and closed top drums made from plastic and steel.

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The Rim Grip is a heavy-duty drum lifting forklift attachment that makes the transportation of open and closed top drums easier and safer.

The automatic gripping feature separates the Rim Grip from the closest competitors as it removes the need for the user to leave the seat of the forklift or telehandler.

Little features like the automatic gripping feature can make the biggest difference in industries where time and efficiency have major influences on cost implications.

Capable of transporting both open and closed top drums, the Rim-Grip secures the drum efficiently, allowing the attachment to perform as intended when used on various ground conditions.

This reliable resilience makes the Fork Mounted Rim Grip suitable for use indoors and outdoors, making it the perfect drum transportation attachment to use in warehouses and construction sites.

Using the Rim Grip with a forklift or telehandler couldn't be easier due to its simplistic design. To start using the Rim-Grip, begin by positioning the forks of the forklift or telehandler to the correct distance required to fit the fork pockets present on the Rim Grip.

Once positioned correctly, loosen the thumbscrews to allow the insertion of the forks before slowly driving the forks into the fork pockets.

After inserting the forks into the fork pockets, the thumbscrews should be tightened, ensuring that the forks are securely in place.

Now the RimGrip is securely in place, raise the Rim Grip using the forks until it is no longer touching the floor and so that the lower jaw of the Rim-Grip is just below the rim of the drum.

Once this step has been completed, move forward and slowly raise the forks to hook the drum onto the Rim Grip. This step can be aided by tilting the mast forward slightly in order to help the hooking process.

Now the drum is secure enough to lift the drum, raise the drum until it is clear of the ground of objects beneath it and tilt the mast backward so the pillar of the Rim Grip is vertical. The drum is now ready for transportation.

In order to release the drum from the Rim Grip Attachment, lower the forks until the jaws release and move away from the drum.

The Rim Grips available via HERMEQ have an extremely impressive product life expectancy. However, to ensure the long-lasting durability of the Rim-Grip, regular maintenance checks should be conducted.

Weekly checks to access the general wear and tear of the Rim Grip should focus upon the following potential issues:

  • Weld points can weaken over time and should be check for structural integrity.
  • The jaws of the Rim-Grip are one of the parts that can suffer wear and tear due to gripping and releasing drums regularly. Close attention should be shown to the jaws to ensure no accidents can occur while drums are being lifted.

For the same reasons, the fork pockets and thumbscrews should be checked to ensure they have not been damaged or worn down during use.

The bolts and fixings should be checked making sure they are properly affixed and are tight enough to remain in place as intended.

All latches, locks, and pivot bars should be regularly greased for safe and efficient use.

The pivot bars, latches, and locks must be kept greased. The springs should also be kept well oiled allowing them to work as intended.

General rusting should be treated with paint, primers, and proprietary inhibitors regularly to improve the rust resistance and protect the Rim Grip from any potential issues that can be caused through rusting.

In cases of damages being found, issues should be reported and repaired immediately before using the Rim Grip.

The Rim-Grip is certified for up to six months from the manufacture date. Once the six-month certification window has passed it is the customer's responsibility to have the Rim Grip tested and recertified by the appropriate body.

Alongside regular maintenance checks, the correct health and safety procedures should be followed to reduce the risks of accidents. The first step that should always be taken is to conduct a risk assessment of the intended work environment.

The Rim Grip and forklift or telehandler should be checked to ensure they can lift the intended drum and that the weight of the drum does not exceed the maximum load capacity.

All users and persons within the vicinity of the operation should make sure they are the appropriate distance away from the equipment, load, and machinery while they are in use.

The mast should not be tilted backwards fully and should only be tilted slightly in the previously mentioned manner to avoid any issues.

The Rim-Grip should not be shock-loaded in any circumstances as it has not been designed to withstand shock loading and may not be able to hold the load.

When transporting the drum using the forklift or telehandler care should be taken with the safe driving of the vehicle a top priority.


Delivery times can vary and are stock-dependent. Average delivery times are between 24 hours and 5 working days.

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Rim Grip 750 kg

Max Load Capacity: 750 kg

Weight: 70 kg

C of G: 850 mm

LLC: Fork Length + 240 mm

No of Drums: 1


Rim Grip 1500 kg

Max Load Capacity: 1500 kg

Weight: 90 kg

C of G: 630 mm

LLC: Fork Length + 240 mm

No of Drums: 2