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Trench Sheets - KKD 600/8 - KD6


The KD6, also called KKD600/8, is an 8mm thick & 600mm wide trench sheet, although we do offer a lighter KD600/6mm sheet if required. Our KD6 sheet comes in 4m - 8m lengths & is one of the most robust overlapping trench sheets that we offer.

All of our KD6 sheet piles are manufactured by HERMEQ in the UK from S275 steel. HERMEQ Steel is a member of the HERMEQ Group, enabling us to source all of raw materials internally. Manufacturing KD6 Sheet piles inhouse allows us to control the sheet pile quality & gives us full material traceability.  

Made from S275 grade steel our KD6 sheet piles have a section modulus of 242 cm3/m & a moment capacity 48.4 kNm/m. KD6 trench sheets are one of our most versatile sheets & are often used in most small & medium sized excavations. Although we manufacture our KD6 sheets in the Midlands, we can deliver these through our UK wide depot network on our own internal haulage. 

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Trench sheets & sheet piles are used to shore up trenches & ground works whilst excavation works take place in order to provide a safe working environment. The sheets are primarily designed to be handled and installed by excavators using the bucket to drive the sheets vertically into the ground. As standard our KD6 Trench Sheets come with one hole, normally 40mm in dia, for handling and pitching the sheets, although we can provide a second hole upon request. 

The KD6 overlapping trench sheet is one of the most popular sheets in Europe & through HERMEQ B.V & HERMEQ IE we export these trench sheets across the world. 

The KD6 (KKD 600/8) is often confused with the KKD 600/6, which is the 6mm version. The KKD 600/8 was called the KD6 as this originally referred to a KKD profile that was 600 wide. The lighter 6mm version, KKD 600/6, was launched later, however the 8mm thick trench sheet still retains the original shortened name - KD6. 

The longer name - KKD 600/8 comes from the trench sheets core properties, it is a KKD profile, that is 600mm wide and made from 8mm thick sheet. In comparison our FKD 400/6 Trench Sheet is an FKD profile, 400mm wide and 6mm thick, whereas our KKD 600/6 Trench Sheet is again a KKD profile, 600mm wide, but in this case 6mm thick. 

The KD6 trench sheets weigh 50.0kg per meter, simply multiply 50.0kg by the length of your KD6 trench sheet to get the total weight of the sheet pile. 

KKD 600/8 (KD6) Properties

Effective Width 600mm
Depth 80mm
Thickness 8mm
Steel grade S275JR

HERMEQ stock a wide-range of Trench Sheets, Groundworks, Trench Covers & Road Plates conforming to all required safety specifications and regulations.

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